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Government Fleet - March/April 2012

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In this Issue:


Staying Competitive: Right-Sourcing Your Fleet Operations
Right-sourcing is finding the most cost-effective way to maintain a fleet. This series explains which technologies public-sector fleets use to optimize their fleet maintenance operation

State Fleets Take Different Paths

How Washtenaw County’s Outsourced Maintenance Turned Its Light Fleet Around

Ohio Fleets Realize Efficiencies Through Shared Services

Right-Sourcing From A Small Fleet Perspective

New Ways to Bolster Fleet Safety
Driver safety programs are integral to a well-run fleet, but sometimes the traditional means only go so far. From driver training to incident recording, fleet discuss the success and challenges of their safety programs .

Sold: A Word Alabama’s Dot Uses to Save Big Bucks
Favorable legislation, as efficient operation, and on-site and online actions by an outside company have allowed the Alabama Department of Transportation to get 40 percent of its equipment procurement costs back to resale.

New Construction Process in Oregon Drives Down Vehicle Prices
The Oregon State Procurement Office used smart price and cost analyses to establish a list of dealerships offering the lowest net prices. As a result of the new contract, net-to-buyer prices have rolled back to 2009 levels.

////////////////////OFF ROAD EQUIPMENT////////////////////

How To Spec the Right Forklift For Your Operation
When it comes to sec’ing forklifts, there’s more to the task meets the eye, manufacturers and dealers say.

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