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Auto Fleet - October - 2012

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In This issue:


Fleet MY-2012 Order-to-Delivery Times Improve Slightly
Key factors causing OTD delays were increased vehicle volumes due to the continued auto industry sales growth, lengthy quality holds, parts shortages, ongoing railcar shortages, recalls plant changes and weather-related issues.

Trends in Executive Fleet Vehicle Management
Fleets utilize executive vehicle programs as compensation or perks. Several luxury automakers discuss their programs and current trends.

A Fleet Manager’s Guide: Negotiating Manufacturer Programs
It’s become a regular part of the fleet process Manufacturers offer “rifle shot” pricing programs to fleet customers. The process, what to look for, and how it can help reduce fleet costs is shared.

How to Minimize Vehicle Abuse
A used company vehicle in poor condition will result in lost resale value. Clearly articulated policies about vehicle upkeep and misuse help present better quality product to remarket.

One Year Later: Rappeport Discusses Donlen-Hertz Merger
Automotive Fleet checks in with Donlen CEO Gary Rappeport a year after the company’s sale to Hertz Global Holdings. One takeaway was the discovery that the companies have much in common and are leveraging these synergies.

Drowsy Driving: A Risk for Everyone
Driver fatigue impairs reaction time and results in crashes. While a number of factors contribute to drowsy driving, precautions can be taken to prevent falling asleep at the wheel.

Pricing Employee Sales: Should You Negotiate?
Fleet managers use a number of methods to determine a price for selling employees out-of-service vehicles, but should they be willing to negotiate?

Does Negotiated Employee Pricing Comply with Sarbanes-Oxley?
When the selling prices of used company vehicles are negotiated individually with employees there may be a perception that not all employees are treated uniformly under fleet policy.

2012 AFLA Attendance Stays Strong
The 2012 annual conference for the Automotive Fleet & Leasing Association (AFLA) featured creative energy professional recognition, and focused on shaping future growth.

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