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F&I Magazine - August 2008

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In this Issue:
2008 F&I Conference Preview
Get a sneak peak of the 5th annual F&I Conference & Expo, which returns to Las Vegas next month with an exciting lineup of speakers, workshops and panels.

Unlocking Profits Through Financial Literacy
Did you know the some laws governing the F&I office can actually help you get a deal bougjt, Financial expert reveals which ones can help.

Selling Lenders on F&I
The goal of the F&I office is to sell a customer on a product, but in today’s reality it is the lender that needs to be sold. Get a five-step plan to do just that.

No Fishing Allowed
Fishing for an approval that fits your customer is not always the best method. Find out why getting the worse-case scenario approved first is a better way to go.

Closing Deals the Biweekly Way
Brothers Andrew and Jason Trprin, founders of the National Payment Network, discuss why their biweekly payment program can help F&I managers close more deals.

Cycles, Slumps and Compliance
In today’s tough times, you can bet regulators have automotive dealers in their sights. Compliance expert reviews 10 ways you can keep your dealership off their radars.

Hiring Talent the Right Way
Hiring a new employee is never fun. Compliance expert provides tips on how to establish an effective hiring process.

Evaluating F&I Menus
Menus have been around since the early 1990s, but not much data exists to suggest which format works best. F&I expert digs in and says today’s column-hype menus may not be the best option.

Becoming an “Intentional” F&I Manager
F&I expert breaks down the game plan of successful F&I managers and provides a few tips on how to set up your customer for an F&I sale.

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