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Government Fleet - May/June 2009

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Fleet Manager Saves Millions With Business Approach
The winner of the 2009 Public Sector Fleet Manager of the Year award, Doug Weichman, CAFM of Palm County, Fla., has saved millions by expanding fuel contracts and right-sizing the county’s fleet.

Finding The Funds To Go “Green”
Although financial times are times are difficult, the City of Inglewood Calif., has effectively managed to “green up” using funds from a number of governmental programs.

Public Sector Fleet Manager Salaries Average $74,693 in 2008
Public sector fleet manager salaries increased more than $4,200 over 2007 figures. By region, fleet managers in the West continue to pull in the highest salaries.

Can’t Find Good Technicians? Here’s One Solution
When Dave Cole at the City of Glendale, Calif., could not find qualified technicians for his shop, he partnered with a local college to set up an internship program. Las Vegas Fleet Is 90% Green
Operating a 90-percent alternative-fuel fleet brings the City of Las Vegas to the forefront of the “going green” movement. The City utilizes its green fleet to prove alt-fuel viability.

D.C. Slims Down And Shapes Up
The District of Columbia reduced its fleet size without sacrificing needed vehicles. Determining a reduction target was the first step.

Fleet Manager Promotes Outreach To Vets
Fleet manager Frank Morgan invited friends and neighbors to celebrate his MBA achievement. The party sparked a grassroots project to support U.S. military veterans and their familes.


Managing Your Off-Road Fleet From A Desktop
Caterpillar uses telematics to put fleet managers on the jobsite without ever leaving their workstation.

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