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Government Fleet Fact Book 2011

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Government Fleet Fact Book 2011

Developing An Industry Tool For Public Sector Fleets
Government Fleet created its first ever Fact Book as a benchmarking tool for fleet managers to compare their statistics with averages nationwide.

Industry Profile
The average public sector fleet department controls a median budget of $3 million annually, not including capital an maintains a median rolling stock size of nearly 400 units. Explore other characteristics of the average fleet broken down across region, agency type, and other segments.

Fleet Manager Salaries
Tight budgets have frozen many fleet manager salaries. Data shows only a 1 percent increase in average salary in the past two years, to $75,510. Find out how fleet managers are compensated based on region.

Support Staff Salaries
Fleet support staff salaries have not seen increases in a few years. GF presents average salaries for key titles as well as the number of titled positions in a fleet.

Fleet and Fuel Management Systems
Fleet and fuel management systems prove to be essential technologies used by more than 80 percent of public fleet. Find out which providers are most used, how much the systems, cost, and system satisfaction level.

Vehicle and Equipment Inventory
In a time of rightsized vehicle inventory and extended replacement cycles, what does the average fleet consist of and how long is it keeping its vehicles and equipment? This section examines the unit breakdown of the average fleet, age of each fleet unit, replacement cycles, and federal and state unit totals.

Customer Departments
Fleets report servicing between one to 22 different customer departments, with Public Works being the most reported fleet customer, GF explores and analyzes fleet’s most common clients.

Fuel, Lube, and Parts Inventory
About 85 percent of fleets store diesel and gasoline inventory statistics about alternative fuel, lube, parts, and tires.

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