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Auto Fleet - January 2013

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In This issue:


The ‘Greatest Generation’ of Fleet Managers
Fleet wouldn’t be what, or where, it is today without the many pioneers who had the persistence to see it through.

100-Plus Most Important Events in Fleet
Take a look back to learn about the path the industry took to get where it is today.

AF History of Fleet Leasing
Open-end (or finance) leasing was developed in 1951. The landmark Swift Dodge vs. IRS court decision legitimized the use of open-end TRAC leases.

Long Chevrolet: A Founding Fleet Dealer
Through its solid reputation and innovative spirit, Long Chevrolet changed the way fleets acquire vehicles.

The Start of Fleet Dealers
A handful of pioneers made some significant changes to how vehicles were ordered and delivered.

The Early Days of Maintenance Management
Improved vehicle system quality and electronic diagnostic capabilities, such as OBD-II, have made managing vehicle maintenance an easier task.

The Evolution of Fuel Management
Advancement in technology have significantly impacted fleet managers’ ability to track fuel use and spending to make their operations more efficient and cost-effective.

The History of Computers in Fleet Management
Fleet has been an early adopter of new technology, starting with card reader equipment in the 1950s to the Web today.

In the Lane to Online: Remarketing Comes of Age
Automotive remarketing was born in 1938. Since then, it has evolved with the times and technology.

The New Kids on the Block: Safety & Accident Management
Though safety and accident management have always been priorities for fleet managers, relatively recently companies have instituted formalized programs to handle these issues.

Upfitting: Fleet Management’s First Specialty
From its very beginning, the upfitting industry has been helping vocational truck fleets get the job done – their way.

The History of Fleet Associations
Over the course of fleet management’s history, professional associations have played an integral part in building the profession.

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