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Automotive Fleet - Fact Book & Buyer's Guide 2012-2013

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47th Annual 2012-2013 Automotive Fact Book Guide

U.S. Fleet Statistics by Industry Segment
As of January 1, 2012 more than 4.5 million cars and 5.2 million trucks were in fleet service in the U.S.

U.S. Commercial Fleet & ‘Non-Fleet’ Market Census
Although fleets continue to judicious in new-vehicle acquisitions, they are now replacing high-mileage units.

U.S. New-Car & Truck Fleet Registrations
In 2011, total commercial car and truck registrations rose by 134,258 units over 2011-CY.

Breakdown of 2011-CY Fleet Sales
The Big Three (Chrysler, Ford and General Motors) accounted for 71.4 percent if total fleet sales in the 2011-CY

Top 5 Fleet Vehicle Registrations for 2011-CY by Fleet Segment
Ford vehicles achieved the highest total commercial fleet vehicle registrations in cars, trucks, vans/MPVs, and SUVs for the 2011-CY.

Breakdown of Industry Fleets By Size
The top 10 fleets in the communication, construction, food and beverage, insurance, and pharmaceutical industries are listed.
Passenger Car and Truck Fleet Registrations Manufacturers/Fleet Segment
GM led total passenger car fleet sales with 26.7 percent, while Ford led truck fleet sales at 34.2 percent.

2011 CY Registrations, Manufacturer/ Model/Fleet Segment
Registration numbers for more than 350 vehicles, including commercial, government, rental, and retail are listed.

Executive Vehicle Share of Commercial Fleet Market
The top five entry-level luxury cars by manufacturer represent more than 65 percent of the segment’s share of commercial fleet sales.

2011 Car and Truck fleet Operating Costs
While operating and fixed costs edged up in 2010 from 2009, for both cars and trucks, incidental costs increased for cars, but continued trending downward for trucks.

Safety Statistics
In 2011, drivers between the ages of 35 and 45 were involved in the highest percentage of accidents.

Remarketing Statistics In 2011, the average price of cars at auction increased by 4.2 percent, while trucks decreased by 4.6 percent over 2010.

Top 10 Fleet Management & Leasing Companies: Canadian Portfolio Size
The top 10 fleet management companies fund or manage more than 3.5 million vehicles and remarket more than 370,000 total units.

Fleet Management Companies by U.S. Portfolio Size
The portfolios of the top fleet management companies are broken down by fleet size.

Global Lessors Facts & Trends
Details on the global fleet leasing market include information and figures on Asia, Australia/New Zealand, Africa, Europe, South America, and Mexico.

Industry Directories
  • Manufacturers
  • Electric Vehicle Manufacturers
  • Fleet Management Companies
  • Feet Management: Non-Funding Services
  • Remarketers
  • Fuel Management
  • Major Fleet Suppliers
  • Truck Equipment and Upfitters
  • Fleet Dealers
  • Associations/Agency/Calendar Guide
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