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Government Fleet - September/October 2008

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In this Issue:

The City of Las Vegas Wins International Awards
The City of Las Vegas encourages employees to think innovatively. Winning three 2007 World Leadership awards indicates the City is on the right track.

5 Tips to Stage a Successful Pre-Bid Meeting
The responsibility for a productive pre-bid meeting falls to the fleet manager. The process begins with researched and well-written specification.

Mistakes in Fuel Management RFPs Can Muddy the Process
Public sector fleets feel the pain of soaring fuel costs even more than the private sector, and fuel management RFPs are more common than ever. Avoiding mistakes will help the process more successful.

The 2008 Government Fleet EXPO Excesses Expectations
The first-ever Government Fleet Expo Conference drew more than 350 fleet managers and other fleet professionals featuring 25 presentations by experienced fleet managers.

10 Tips for Warranty Recovery Managers
A warranty recovery program can become a significant savings account for fleets by monetary reimbursements, credits, reallocation of shop efficiency improvements.

Drivers’ License Checks are Crucial for State of Utah Fleet
The State’s fleet department continues to proactively work toward a safe and cost-efficiency fleet. Weekly license checks help the State assess driver risk, increasing driver safety, minimizing liability, and reducing accident costs.

Charlotte Takes Fleet Reins from Mecklenburg County
Mecklenburg County needed some assistance with its light-duty fleet vehicles, and the City of Charlotte proved it was right for the job.

Santa Monica Adapts Early and Fully to Alt-Fuel Use
In 1993, the City of Santa Monica was one of the first agencies to set a vehicle reduction policy. Today, 84 percent of the 450-unit fleet represents a diverse mix of fuels and technologies.

Fleets Share Fuel Management Best Practices
Now more than ever, stressed-out fleet managers are turning to fuel management programs to maximize efficiency and keep expenditures down.

Automated Pool System Saves Soft Costs
Using an automated pool system has proven helpful to several public sector fleets, reducing downtime, improving efficiencies, and increasing convenience.

Fuel Quality a Top Priority When Switching to Biodiesel
The City and County of San Francisco converted all of their diesel-powered vehicles to B-20, testing the quality of the fuel at each stage of transport.

10 Mistakes Fleets Make When Spec’ing Street Sweepers – And How to Avoid Them.
A wide variety of options can make spec’ing a street sweeper for your fleet a daunting task. Failing to identify a fleet’s individual needs and neglecting to research sweeper functions are two common errors.

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      &bsp;Take-Home Vehicles: Ending a Culture of Entitlement.
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