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Government Fleet - November/December 2008

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In this Issue:

Hillsborough County Named NO. 1 Public Sector Fleet
Hillsborough County, Fla., captured the top spot in the 100 Best Fleets program for 2008. Among the County fleet department’s accomplishments is an overall customer satisfaction rating of 97 percent.

’100 Best Fleets’ Recognition Program
Improved operational efficiency, significant savings, and increased fleet availability are just a few reasons these are considered among the best in the country.

Keeping Government Vehicles Clean
Keeping public sector fleet vehicles clean can be costly. However, strategies are available to help reduce costs and promote individual responsibility.

What Do Municipal Fleets Charge For Parts Markup?
In the cities of South Bend, Ind., Orlando, Fla., and Littleton, Colo. Markups range from 15 to 25 percent. Most want to help cover the markups, but one fleet manager is investigating building a revenue-generation operation.

How City Fleets Handle Tool Allowances
A survey of various-sized municipal fleets across the country reveals a range of tool allowance figures and methods from flat-month or annual stipends to a per-hour allotment. Some cities furnish the tools directly.

Best Practices in Hazardous Waste Disposal
San Diego County, City of Portland Or. and Lee County Fl. fleet operations promote and share best practices in eliminating toxic and unsafe waste.

Tapping A Ready Source of Trained Workers
“Hire the handicapped” is not just a slogan. A huge pool of qualified workers is ready to assist fleets through a federal program, Ability One

How to Develop a Strategic Business Plan
A business plan is a written description of your organization’s future. It should document a vision and strategies.

The Impact of 2010 Diesel Standards on Street Sweepers
New 2010 diesel emission standards will require a 90-percent cut in NOx emissions. Elgin Sweeper discusses how it is meeting and overcoming this challenge.

Biodiesel Powers More Fleets Than Ever
With production reaching a high of 450 million gallons in 2007, a number of private and public sector fleets have already discovered the benefits of biodiesel.

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       El Paso County creates motor pool.
       Gwinnett County taps eBay.

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      &nsp;Anti-idiling programs cit fuel spending.
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