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Auto Fleet - December 2011

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In This issue:

Fusion & F-150 Remain Fleet Favorites in 2011
Ford captured both Car and Truck of the Year awards for the second year in a row, with the popularity of the Fusion/Fusion Hybrid and the F-150 continuing into the 2012 model-year.

Depreciation Decreases in 2011
Depreciation expenses decreased in 2011 versus prior years due to such factors as higher vehicle resale and the ongoing shortage of used vehicles.

How to Sell Fleet Safety to Your Drivers
While fleet drivers may be savvier on the road than the average driver, accidents still happen. How can you sell fleet safety to drivers who think they con’t need it? Top safety companies weigh in.

BMW North American Holds First-Ever Fleet Preview
The three-day event featured a tour of the BMW manufacturing facility in Spartanburg S.C., and driver training at the BMW Performance Center. BMW AG executives also discussed global fleet capabilities and sustainability initiatives.

Too Much Information?
The Dangers of Data Drowning

Since the 1970s, fleet managers have seen vehicle operations data increase from a trickle to a torrent. How should they separate useful data from the interesting, but useless? .

The ‘Magic 8-Ball’ of Driver Safety
One in 45 average American drivers will experience an injury-producing crash over the next year. Of those who drive as part of their job function, 20 percent are likely to experience an incident. There are ways to reduce that risk.

The Fleet Manager: An Agent of Change
You can manage a fleet or you can transform it. Change agents are sometime feared and disliked, but done right, transforming a fleet to excellence is challenging and rewarding, for you and the company.

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