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Auto Fleet - February 2012

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In This issue:


Fleet Vehicle Selection: Evolving with the Market
Although the basic process is the same, the criteria, options, and driver moods for the selection of fleet vehicles have evolved over the years. Where the industry was, is, and will be is an interesting story.

Onboard Technology: To Have or Have Not
Technology can be advantageous when it comes to added convenience and safety for vehicles, but what actually appeals to fleet managers? Several top commercial fleets shared some insight.

Any Color but it’ll Probably be White, Silver or Black
Fleet managers choose white colors for a variety of practical, economical, and psychological reasons. Choices should be made with an eye to the future and the consumers who ultimately buy out of service fleet vehicles.

ADT Forms Strategic Fleet Partnerships
Working together as strategic business partners the security services provider and its fleet management company identified more than $6 million a year in cost savings, reduced emissions, and rightsized ADT’s fleet.

Driver Safety Check-up
Mixing up a serious message with a quiz that’s fun and offers a prize can help drivers keep safety in mind at all times.

Managing Accidents or Managing Risk?
Most commonly, the service is called “accident” or “collision” management. However, many fleets have started to focus on managing risk, applying factors to drivers to mitigate the results of accidents.

Sears Increased Fleet Efficiency
After years of FMC requests, Sears Automotive partnered with LeasePlan to be the first to develop and implement an electronic maintenance solution. The new system leverages LeasePlan existing eRepair solution.

Dealing with Malicious Compliance
Malicious compliance is how those who feel powerless exact revenge on superiors. Fleet managers can ve the target too.

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