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Government Fleet - March/Aporil 2013

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Exploring the Total Cost of CNG
Vehicle retrofits and fueling station construction aren’t the only expense when switching to compressed natural gas (CNG). However, even when considering the total cost of CNG, the payback period can be as short as three years.

CNG Expands Among Government Agencies
The high cost of gasoline and diesel and a desire to reduce vehicle emissions have led many government agencies to purchase CNG vehicles. From fleets just starting their investment in the alternative fuel to long-time users looking to expand CNG use, public agencies explain how and why natural gas works for them .

A Hydrogen-Fueled Future?
In having staff test hydrogen fuel-cell vehicles in commuting applications and planning the installation of publicly available fueling station, the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA) is helping in the development of an emerging alternative-fuel vehicle.

Illinois Expects Fuel Costs Savings with Electric Vehicles
The State of Illinois took delivery of 15 battery-electric vehicles in 2012 as part of efforts to “green” State fleet operations. It’s now installing charging infrastructure and plans to add more electric vehicles to the fleet.

Developing Fueling Infrastructure for Propane Autogas
The State of Indiana and King County, Wash., Transportation Departments leverage diverse on-site refueling methods for their propane-autogas vehicles. From a centralized fueling facility to a network of more than 100 stations, these fleets have invested in fueling infrastructure and are seeing significant fuel savings.

Distracted Driving Trends and Prevention
While many laws are place to prevent on-road collisions, driver distraction – caused by everything from eating to mobile device usage – still remains a weighty concern within fleets. However, reviewing current trends and tips can help fleets gain a better understanding in order to help mitigate the problem.


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