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Fleet Financials - November/ December 2008

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In this Issue:


Fleet Helps Safelite Foster Profitable Growth & Customer Satisfaction
Safelite AutoGlass effectively handles a $50 Million fleet expense budget. The company reduced its accident rate by 45 percent and cut costs as much as $4.5 million per year in spite of a 66-percent fleet growth.

Real-World Ways Handle Problem Executives
Executives egos can often lead to bullying and unprofessional behavior that makes a fleet manager’s life difficult. Here are some ways to deal with troublesome executives.

Do You Have a Clear Mission for Your Fleet?
It has been said a fleet’s mission reflects decisions made by the fleet manager or is it the reverse? What are these decisions and how does the mission shape them?

How to Get Maximum Value from Salespeople
Fleet managers have regular contact with sales personnel. Advice is offered on how to get maximum value from these meetings.

How to Develop a Corporate Culture of Fleet Policy Compliance
Adherence to fleet policy is crucial and should be part of each company’s overall business strategy. The best managed fleets tend to be those whose drivers adhere to a written fleet policy.

Reducing Risk with Driver Assessment Programs
Managing the risk posed by a company’s fleet vehicle drivers is among the most critical challenges fleet managers face. Concrete steps can be taken to mitigate those risks.

Will Hyperconnectivity Mean Fewer Fleet Vehicles?
Hyperconnectivity has emerged as a hot trend in computer networking in which all “things” (human and machine) communicate through a network. This development will have dramatic implications for the future of fleet management.

  • Editorial
       Fleet managers shouldn’t under-estimate the impact of the medical privacy rules in HIPAA on fleet operations.
  • Letters
       Balancing the security risks of mobile computing.
  • Fleet Briefs
       Inauguration of inductees in the Fleet Hall of Fame.
  • Automotive Financials
       A majority of fleet managers claim to be very involved in day-to-day vehicle remarketing.
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