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Government Fleet - November/ December 2010

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In this Issue:


Top 10 Challenges Facing Public Sector Fleets in CY-2011
Budget is the No 1 challenge facing public sector fleets. Everything a fleet does revolves around money equipment, facilities, staff, vehicles, parts, tolls, fuel, etc. Other challenges include extended cycling, staff burn-out, outsourcing/privatization, and relentless cost-cutting mandates.

Business As Usual No Longer An Option for Government
The poor economy has led to public outcry for more accountability in government agencies. This should serve as ample warning for fleets to increase efficiency, improve accountability, and add visibility to the fleet department for the upcoming year.

Training & Testing Pay Big Returns
Facing an aging fleet with little to no funds for vehicle replacement, the City of Columbus, Ohio, decreased fleet expenses by finding savings in parts and suppliers.

Google Helps D.C. Improve Operations
For nearly two years, the Washington D.C. Fire and Emergency Medical Services Department has used Google-centric program incorporated with its own geographic information system (GIS) data to become more efficient, and even boost response time.

Government Fleet Managers Recognized For Leading ‘Green’ Efforts
Government Fleet announced 14 public sector fleet leaders as the recipients of the year’s 2010 Environmental Leadership Awards at the Green Fleet Conference in October.

Now to Minimize Workplace Injuries
Safeguarding maintenance an garage facilities against work-related injuries involves securing management commitment, increasing safety awareness among staff members, and establishing a certified in-house safety committee.

Mythbusters: Fleet Edition
A veteran fleet manager an his team of experts have identified several common myths that may be costing your fleet.

////////// OFF-ROAD EQUIPMENT //////////

Maintenance Loaders & Backhoes
Fleet professionals form three public agencies discuss best practices for maintaining loaders and backhoes used for numerous projects that range form waste disposal to beach upkeep to road maintenance.

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