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F&I Training Supplement - Sept/Oct 2004

F&I Extra Training Supplement
The F&I Training Equation, The Credit Report: Breaking it Down and more…


F&I Training Supplement Oct/Nov 2003

In This Issue:
Training Is Good For You, Best Practices Mean Bigger Profits!, Industry Training: Company Profiles, and more…


F&I Software Supplement - Aug/Sept 2003

In This Issue:
Pump Up Your Profits with Technology, Software Vendors: Where To Get It!!


Company Provided Vehicles vs. Reimbursement


Company Provided Vehicles vs. Reimbursement


Reprinted Article: The Secret of Developing an Accurate Fleet Budget

Use this three-step process to increase accuracy in your fleet budget


Reprinted Article: The Hidden Costs of Driver Reimbursement

This high-quality reprinted article explores reimbursement trends among commercial fleets as well as the top 25 hidden costs of driver reimbursement programs.


Reprinted Article: Fuel Card Programs Help Fleets $ave Money

You can save significantly on your fuel expenses by reading this two-page article reprinted from Automotive Fleet Magazine...


Reprinted Article: Reducing Maintenance Costs Helps Inter-Tel Save $300,000

Despite increasing its fleet by 55 percent over four years, this company has saved more than $300,000 by reducing...


Reprinted Article: The Advantages of Municipal Leasing

Preserve cash, stretch dollars, and remain flexible by leasing fleet vehicles. One leasing plan to finance vehicles at favorable tax-exempt interest rates is offered to municipalities by GMAC...


Reprinted Article: Market Impact: The True Impact of Zero-Percent Financing

Is there a significant causal dynamic that ties the attractive APR on new cars to lethargic used-car sales? Read about it here in this two page reprinted article from Vehicle Remarketing Magazine....


Reprinted Article: Changing Corporate Culture to Boost Sales, Service and Employee Satisfaction

Business principles developed by Khoury Consulting are helping more and more car rental companies realize their potential for growth. Read about them here...


Reprinted Article: The Back Office of Fleet Management

The key to determining the best fleet management partner for your needs lies in understanding the application and technology behind the solution...